OrzGK's Brand Story

    Welcome to OrzGK, your ultimate anime resin statue collection world. We are committed to providing an unparalleled one-stop collection experience for collectors around the world. At OrzGK, we know that the value of collection is far more than a commodity. It is a cultural inheritance, an emotional sustenance, and a respect for exquisite craftsmanship.

    We have established close partnerships with the most renowned design studios around the world, from the most innovative manufacturers to the most respected brands, in pursuit of the perfect collection quality. Every statue, action figure model and movie prop replica of OrzGK has been carefully selected by our team to ensure that each work is not only a commodity, but also a work of art.

     Our product line carefully covers everything from high-end limited edition statues to practical action figures, whether you are an elite collector or a novice enthusiast, you will find a satisfactory choice here. OrzGK not only offers collectibles, we are also committed to providing unparalleled customer service. From inquiry to purchase, to product packaging and delivery, we ensure that your every need is met and every experience is unforgettable.

As a leader in the GK statue agency field, OrzGK not only focuses on providing high-quality resin statues and services to global collectors, but is also committed to sharing exquisite collections and the stories behind them with everyone through social media channels.

OrzGK brand has cooperated with more than 1,000 studios and factories, and we often visit the cooperative studios and factories for outdoor live shooting.

OrzGK team went to the studio to shoot statue samples

OrzGK team shoots sample spray painting details

OrzGK team shoots the factory production

(The statue restorer is doing a live broadcast of the restoration) All in all, choosing us OrzGK means that you will have the best supply pipeline in the world, and we are committed to providing you with 100% the best quality products and services!

OrzGK also has a professional warehousing and packaging team

Massive stock available for you to choose from

Please contact us through any of the following methods, and we will synchronize the delivery status with you!



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👉Email: info@orzgk.com

    Choosing OrzGK is not only a choice of a product, but also a lifestyle. Let us join hands to transform our love for animation culture into every exquisite collection in our hands. Thank you for trusting OrzGK and we look forward to making your collection vision a reality.