Shipping & Delivery

1)Shippng Costs and Delivery Time

    Product prices on the website do not include shipping costs. Shipping charges will be calculated based on the box size and weight of the product you ordered.(pay attention:Shipping costs may be higher in some countries than in others. The dimensional weight/dimensions (length x width x height) of the package often result in high shipping costs. The larger the package, the higher the shipping cost.

*Note* If you want to know the shipping cost of the product in advance, you can contact OrzGK's professional assistant to estimate the shipping cost for you, but this is only for reference and is subject to the actual shipping cost of the final logistics provider.

When the products you ordered arrive at the warehouse, we will provide you with quotes for multiple shipping methods based on your address and the size of the product box. The final shipping method depends on your choice!

Usually we will provide customers with 3 transportation methods to choose from:

  • Express Delivery : UPS/DHL/FedX/EMS/SF Express (delivery within 6-10 days)

  •  Air Shipping : By Air + UPS/DHL/FedX/DPD (delivery within 10-15 days)

  • Sea Shipping : By Sea + UPS/DHL/FedX/DPD (delivery within 30-45 days)

We have reached cooperative relationships with almost all logistics companies in the world and have obtained almost the lowest freight prices for our customers! So no matter which country you live in, you are welcome to place an order with us.

*Note* If you are from countries and regions such as South America, Latin America, the Middle East or Africa, please ensure that you have experience in importing goods and can complete the customs clearance and duty payment process.


2)Shipping process

  • Send shipping bill:  Once the products you ordered arrive at the warehouse, our professional assistants will contact you via Whatsapp or email to take photos of the products and create a shipping bill and send it to you.

  • Select the shipping method:  After receiving th shipping bill, check the delivery information and inform the assistant of your chosen shipping method and quotation.

  • Pay the shipping fee:The assistant will immediately initiate payment to you via email after receiving the shipping method you selected.

  • Tracking order:  After completing the shipping payment, we will arrange shipment for you immediately; you will receive an email containing the tracking number within 1-3 days. With this tracking number, you can check the latest delivery information on the courier company's website.

3)Shipping insurance

    Resin statues are special fragile items, and scratches, degumming, and minor damage to the paint are normal phenomena. We will help you apply for free after-sales accessories from the studio, but the studio will not bear the international shipping costs and the customer must pay for them. If the studio is unable to provide after-sales accessories, minor damage will need to be repaired by yourself. For serious damage, we will help you appeal to the logistics provider according to the free insurance policy! All insurance compensation requires the consignee to provide a complete video recording of the entire unpacking and inspection of product details, otherwise the logistics provider will refuse compensation!

4) Duty/GST/VAT

In some cases, countries may impose certain duties, fees or taxes on goods passing through their borders. Please note that it is the customer's responsibility to pay for this and OrzGK will not be responsible for all border related fees, charges or taxes.

*Note* : If your country supports the shipping method by sea, the products you ordered will include tax, or you Only pay very little tax.

For any questions about shipping, you can always contact our professional assistants on Whatsapp to answer you!

Need more information? Feel free to contact us.