Cancellations and Returns

About Cancellations 

We understand that during the online shopping process, you may change your mind. In order to provide you with an unparalleled shopping experience, below is our detailed policy on order cancellations, returns and refunds.

Cancellation of Early Bird/Pre-Order product orders:

  • Cancellation period: Early Bird/Pre-ordered products can be canceled unconditionally within 72 hours after placing the order.
  • Exceeding the cancellation deadline: If it exceeds 72 hours, we will not be able to accept the refund of the deposit because the deposit and quota of reserved products have been submitted to the studio and have entered the preparation stage. However, you can return the item according to our return policy after receiving it.


Pre-order Closed/Released product order cancellation:

  • Cancellation period: Our assistant will confirm all orders with you via Whatsapp or email within 48 hours. Generally, the order cannot be canceled after the order is confirmed. If the order needs to be canceled, only 60% of the full payment will be refunded
  • How to cancel: Please contact our assistant via Whatsapp or email.
  • Additionally, customers can request refunds within 72 hours of receiving the product. After the product is shipped back to the warehouse, we will issue a corresponding refund based on the product status. Return shipping costs are borne by the buyer. However, we will not accept refund requests for artificially damaged statues, but if the parts can be repaired, we will provide repair services for an additional fee.


About Returns

    OrzGK will undoubtedly carefully select and carefully package the items you order to ensure that your items are not only of the highest possible quality, but also arrive safely at your designated shipping address. However, sometimes items do become damaged in transit, or have some form of manufacturing defect that renders the item unfit for its intended use. If this happens to your product, please immediately contact the professional assistant we have arranged for you via Whatsapp or email to handle it.

*Note*:Customers who purchase goods from OrzGK should note that all return/exchange/compensation requests must be made within 72 hours after receiving the goods at your designated shipping address. OrzGK's professional assistants will help you process your application immediately after receiving it. Upon receipt of a damaged or manufacturing defective product, we will request photographic evidence of the package or specific product in question. We will review the photo and discuss it with you as soon as possible.

Special instructions for the statue

      Statues made of resin or polystone are inherently fragile. We ship them out exactly the way they came in, factory sealed and packed in the original heavy duty shipping carton. Although the statues are packaged well by the studio, sometimes the statues may arrive with small broken parts, clean breaks, or scratches in the paint. We cannot guarantee that every piece will be perfect, if your statue does arrive with defects or damage, please contact our assistant immediately with photos and details of the problem. We will contact the studio on your behalf to see if replacement parts are available, please note this does not guarantee you will receive replacement parts.

    In addition, we strongly recommend that you read the OrzGK insurance documentation when your assistant confirms shipment with you. Once you encounter transportation damage when receiving the goods, we will help you apply for a claim to the logistics provider based on the insurance instructions.. Here are the details of transportation insurance information:

Chargeback Disputes and PayPal Claims

    Generally speaking, if you encounter a problem, we strongly recommend that you contact our professional assistants via Whatsapp or email instead of initiating a chargeback dispute or submitting a PayPal claim. Opening a chargeback dispute or PayPal claim will only extend your resolution time and effectively eliminate our options to help you.

*Please remember that any account with a pending chargeback or PayPal claim without contacting us may result in your account being permanently suspended*