Payment Policy

All Prices are stated local currency


Orz GK accepts a wide range of payment options for your convenience and peace of mind. We accept Credit Card, Debit Card, and Prepaid Card too! Payment made for your orders are processed by Third-Party providers. Orz GK has no access to all your payment card details. However, rest assured that your payment transaction is secured and protected by the Third-Party providers.

  1. Full payment
    • All major cards.
  2. Deposit
    • Placing a minimum deposit (40%) to secure a pre-order, balance amount will be collected when studio request for it to avoid abandoning of orders.
    • All orders requiring balance payment will be informed in our whatsapp group .
  3. Payment Charges

Some of your payment options may come with a small charge by your respective banks/ financial institution. These charges are not collected by Orz GK. Customers should acknowledge that Orz GK has no control of and held no responsible for such charges. For charges dispute, please consult with your respective banks/ financial institution.