Shipping Cost:

    The shipping cost will be assessed according to the size and weight of the product box you ordered; we cannot provide you with an accurate shipping cost before the goods arrive at our warehouse; but you can contact us on Whatsapp to estimate the shipping cost for you in advance.

      When the product is ready to ship, we will confirm with you like this :

How Long Will It Take:

     Resin statue products are divided into pre-ordered products and in-stock products; pre-ordered products can only be reserved by placing an order and paying a deposit now. Generally, the shipment will start after 3 months; if it is a spot product, you need to pay the full amount to place the order, and generally the delivery can be arranged 3-5 days after the order is placed, and it will be delivered in 6-8 days by air, and 25-30 days by sea. Depends on your choice.